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Damn Dave! Nice stuff there brother!
-Big Llou Johnson (voice of B.B. King's Bluesville, SiriusXM Radio) 
"Very original, love the horns and guitar...Keep on keeping on...I will be looking forward to hearing your new recording."
Bob Putignano (President New York Blues and Jazz Society)

"Wow! Very professionally made video and the sound rocks!!"
Martin Clarke (host of the award winning show The Blues Session)

"WOW! Love this sound! Really tight. Very happy to have you on the station.
Sheila Cain (Blues City Radio)

“Hey Dave…Great sound, man!”

-Scott Holt (formerly with Buddy Guy)

"Beautiful sounds man!!!......"

-Sugar Blue (Grammy Award winning harmonica player)

Keeping the Blues Alive, Vol. 1 -July 25, 2012

Of all the musicians on this disc, Dave Sadler is the only one I've yet to have the pleasure of previously listening to and working with. Having now done that I can truly say "Welcome to my blues world, Dave". "Fourth Street Ruckus" could have easily been called Fourth Street Melee, Fourth Street Free For All or Fourth Street Donnybrook. Basically, they all mean that all hell is breaking loose and that's exactly what's going on musically on this five minute instrumental. Leading the way with relentless guitar playing, Dave Sadler and the band are kickin' ass.

-Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro,  Blues Editor at Mary4Music.com

"Rootstime" Magazine Review of "Matchbox" -December 12, 2014
(click here for version in Dutch)

Dave Sadler grew up in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where blues legends as Big Bill Broonzy and Cedell Davis frequented. Sadler began playing guitar before his twelfth birthday, which is not surprising considering the musical family in which he was raised. His family was related to Johnny Cash, his grandfather sang and his mother was piano/voice instructor. Sadler learned through listening to the old blues musicians to copy their styles. Sadler is, however, also influenced by contemporary musicians as Eric Clapton, Robert Cray and SRV. His style is a collection of styles, including blues, rock, jazz and funk. The singer/guitarist Dave Sadler, with his versatility and technique, is a very sought after live and studio musician.

"Matchbox" follows "Fade To Blue" (2008) as the second studio album by Dave Sadler. It's an album with ten tracks, including five original songs and five covers from genres such as blues, blues rock and jazz fusion, at a somewhat faster pace. The album opens with a Willie Dixon cover 1 "I Got All You Need", a nice blues rocker, a song regularly on the setlist of Joe Bonamassa. 2 "Matchbox" is a song that goes very far back in the history of the blues. "Matchbox Blues" was recorded originally in 1927 by Blind Lemon Jefferson. Carl Perkins added additional lyrics in 1956 and took it on himself in a rockabilly version at Sun Records. "The Beatles", who were a fans of Carl Perkins, covered the song in 1961. Peter Best, their former drummer first sang the vocals. This group only recorded a live version. John Lennon later sang the vocals and performed the song on "Live! at the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany; 1962 "(published in 1977). "Matchbox" was also released in the UK on their "Long Tall Sally" EP and in the States on the Capitol "Something New" album (1964) and as a single. The blues-rock version of Dave Sadler has changed pace and added slide guitar.

"Junior's Jam"(track 3) is an up-front instrumental funky bluesy jam with Jim McCarty on drums. On track number 4, "Satisfaction Guaranteed", co-written by Sadler, Will Tang (Billy Blackstone) and Pat Murdoch, we find the lead guitar and harmonica from Sadler along with Pat Murdoch on guitar, Mel Sarreal on drums and James Ryan on bass. A second instrumental track 5, "Cissy Strut", by Leo Nocentelli is jazz-fusion. 6 "You Put Me Out" is changing the pace and atmosphere. Sadler here gets his slide guitar out of the closet and blends cleverly with accompaniment by the keyboard player.

Previously released in 2011 as a single, "Fourth Street Ruckus" (track 7) was the harbinger for his second studio album "Matchbox". This long blues rock track takes on a hectic pace by set by Sadler, along with the horn skills of one of NY's finest saxophonists Dan Cipriano (Wilson Pickett, Bruce Springsteen, Allman Brothers, Gary US Bonds, George Thorogood). Roly Platt, one of Canada's finest diatonic harmonica players, also contributed to this track. Marvin Taylor co-wrote with Sadler the soulful track 8, "You Should 'A Known", in which he also provide additional rhythm guitar. 9 "Killing Floor" is a song by Chester Burnett, otherwise known as Howlin 'Wolf, which he wrote in 1964. With this number Burnett confirmed himself as one of the defining Chicago blues musicians of his generation. Track 10 “People Get Ready” an instrumental soulful cover written by Curtis Mayfield in 1965 could be called "A prayer for peace and unity" in these troubled times and ends beautifully.

With "Matchbox" Dave Sadler, following Blind Lemon Jefferson, Carl Perkins and "The Beatles", puts down a milestone in his career.  With his slide guitar he explains bridges between related genres like blues, rock and jazz. Dave Sadler takes his musical ideas searching again in several places, but he will always say, that his first inspiration was found in Arkansas at the edge of the Mississippi Delta.
-Eric Shuurmans for Rootstime.be

"Rootstime" Magazine Review "Fade to Blue" -June 21, 2008
(click here for version in Dutch)

'Fade To Blue' holds many trump cards. With a broad range of bluesrock, jazzy ballads, reggae and funk, this album sought blues inspiration from many places. Arkansas/Mississippi, Louisiana/Texas and Chicago-influences merge into a homogeneous whole, in which Dave Sadler, guitar man from Arkansas, feels at home like a fish in the water. Four instrumental numbers between a dozen songs, all at the hand of Sadler, guarantee a full hour of blues variety. Sadler not being bound by borders is also reflected in his lyrics in 'Shackles and Chains', a protest against everything that man fetters. 'Killing Game' is an indictment against the violence in Baghdad that separates families and children from a peaceful life. His powerful lyrics have been thought through, and are sung with a misleadingly serene voice. He accompanies himself with various guitars, bass, and from time to time with Honner bluesharp. A father of four children, he shows in his lyrics his concern for orphaned children and the dangers that threaten them.

Another high point is the presence of saxophonist, Dan Cipriano, who joins in four numbers with trombone, trumpet and sax. In 'Cold, Blowin' Wind his saxophone cries as a warning against the world of drug dealers. This renowned horn master has played with Wilson Pickett, Southside Johnny, Gary U. S. Bonds and Bruce Springsteen and enriches Dave's album. In addition, five other capable studio musicians contribute on the CD.

Dave's wife, Elizabeth, produced the project which was recorded at BluezArt Studio located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. In addition to his occupation as an architect, he finds time to make music with a local group of musicians for benevolent concerts and other events. Coming from a musical family that included a piano teacher (his mother), he grew up listening to various forms of blues music on the radio. Instead of the practicing the latest rock hits, he chose Elmore James, Robert Cray and Buddy Guy as his imaginary teachers. In 'Rise Above', you hear an Eric Clapton influence. On 'Blues Night Special' he calls out the names of Big Bill Broonzy, Junior Walker, Howlin' Wolf, Luther Allison and Freddie King, all bluesmen for whom he bears a warm heart. Dave Sadler designed this album with solid and really versatile musical building stones that leave a colorful impression from 'Fade To Blue' till 'Blue Reggae'.

Mieke Geukens     Rootstime (Belgium) 6.21.08

Indie-Music.com Magazine Review- April 5, 2008:

"On Fade to Blue, Arkansas blues singer Dave Sadler offers up an eclectic mix of 16 guitar driven songs based in the blues/rock tradition of the Midwest. He’s an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and clearly knows what he’s doing on the guitar. Interestingly though, his voice reminded me of Morrissey right off the bat, an eccentric match to find on a blues album.

On “Shackles and Chains," Sadler wails out on the electric guitar while on the softer bluesy “Killing Game,” he provides a social commentary on poverty and war....

Sadler also includes a slew of instrumental numbers on the album which showcase his mastery of the guitar. As well, he gets by with a little help from his friends such as prominent saxophonist, Dan Cipriano, whose playful exchanges on “Can’t Take It With You” is an instant listener’s delight....

...Sadler definitely has the voice and musicianship to stand apart from the crowd...."

-Skott Freedman –Indie-Music.com Magazine


"All I can say is "OH WOW!!! Last night at the prison was a really spectactular event, and I just wish it could have been recorded live on video. The women had been on lockdown and without priviledges for some time, so it was even more special for them.

Thank you is not really adequate for all your work, Dave, plus hauling the equipment, and Elizabeth's backup support and shuttling the car.... But it WAS a special moment, wasn't it? And you were great...so thanks to you both, and please know how much you are appreciated."

-Carolyn Theis

Reviews of "Every Child"

 "Lead Guitar: Some tasty tone control, nice light and shade and contrasting dynamics here on the extended intro. Reminded me of solo sections from 'Still in love with You' by Thin Lizzy, no bad comparison at all! Lovely soaring lines and crying bent notes. The song is a showcase for a virtuostic performance.

-David Brogan

Yes...straight groove...minor blues for solo guitar......and what a lead guitar in here...amazing...great blues feeling... starts to fly away......really "mothers finest" with blues strings! The male vocals are nice too... are believable and have blues mood...nice words by the way...but the "champion" in here is this magnifique lead guitar- fantastic!!!

-Andreas Ceska

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"Coolness goes beyond words to experience"
-Carmen Allgood host of The Colorado Wave

"Sounds great, well done!!!......"

-Jan Cyrka 

"You've got some really great tunes...Very smooth."
-Mark Kerr

"Nice material, tasteful playing, reminds me of my friend Dave Specter's style."
-Chainsaw Dupont

"I love your sound......"

-Mylene Chamblain

"Thanks for coming on Bluzzradio...great tracks on your MySpace site!"
-Alain Bouet- Bluzzradio 
Paris, France

"Sounds great…"

-Smiling Jack Smith
Madrid, Spain

“Man I like the sound. You have the Clapton "feel" down on “Fade To Blue”…Pack an ax and come on over and play at the KY Blues Festival. We'd love to have ya!”
-Greg Williams
 Bowling Green, KY

“Loved "Fade To Blue", very smooth. I can't wait to hear the other tracks here….” 

-Bob Ketchum
Cedar Crest Studio

"...The music's as great as usual and being played on 'Helsinki's Blues Cafe' "
- Geoff Barton

Helsinki Blues Cafe Radio
Helsinki, Finland

"Great songs Dave!"

- Roxy Perry
New York

"....love your music taste!"

-Ana Patan
Nurnberg, Germany

“Your tracks are awesome, I got a lot of great feedback on them….keep rockin the planet my friend....”
-Brad Cole
Tornado Valley Radio Online

“Superb blues guitar and songs, really like "Fade to Blue"…very Robert Cray…”
-Dave Osborne
Manchester, England 

"Some very nice guitar playing here!"


"Very nice tunes...very nice"
-Twin Cities Radio
Minneapolis, MN

“You didn't take 2 many 'Wrong Turns'…excellent music…best wishes from all your friends in Ireland.”
-Monaghan Blues Jam
Mc Kennas Bar, Dublin Street, Monaghan, Ireland 

"Great tunes!"

-Blues Detour

"LOVE the sound you get with that T5 . . . awesome music . . . keep it up!"
-Sweet Willie Milton

“Thank you so much, great tone, great playing..”
-Gurbuz Barlas
Ankara, Turkey

“I enjoyed listening to your songs ...
tasty and passionate playing !!!” 

-Barry Richmond
Barry Richmond Band

“Love the soulful touch you have.”
-Mark Partin

“There is some great music here! I really like your style of playing…Highest Regards”
-Marcus Curtis

“Really enjoy your soulful guitar playing”

-Blues on Tap
Perth, Scotland 

"You play a mean tune mate…."
-Midnight Blue Lounge